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5 Ways to Make a Successful Career Change

If you’re thinking about switching career paths, our experts here at Adzuna HQ have some excellent advice on how to get the ball rolling.

Don’t get bogged down.

Thinking about your perfect career can be as daunting as the idea of finding your perfect partner, ‘the one’ that completes you, the ying to your yang. The notion of a “true calling” turns an already difficult decision into something laden with pressure and stress. Don’t let yourself get bogged down. Most professionals will change career direction more than once in a lifetime. Think about what skills you have and what aspect of work you enjoy then try to come up with a shortlist of options that satisfy these areas. Remember, you can always change your mind again.

The gradual approach.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes this is a wildly overused saying but nevertheless true. Some people expect their career to radically change overnight. This is unlikely to happen. Change often happens gradually and starts with some light research into a new industry or an evening course to acquire a new skill. There also might be a series of different jobs before you leap into your new dream position. Have patience and take one step at a time.

successful career change

Don’t let your resume become too long.

While all your employment history is interesting to a new employer, it is not always relevant. There is no value in detailing every aspect of your sales experience if your applying for a job in marketing. Some elements can be extracted and presented in a way that makes them valuable to a different industry. Be careful not to make your resume more than 2 A4 pages maximum. A varied background can work to your advantage and make you stand out from the competition so don’t be nervous. Simply use the job description as a guide to what skills and experience are worth including.

Believe in yourself.

One of the hardest things with a change of career is believing in yourself. It is difficult to mentally re-define yourself as a lawyer and then a photographer. Once you believe in yourself, others will too.


We know we must sound like a stuck record constantly talking about the value of networking, but it is never more valuable than when you’re trying to launch into a new career. Reach out to friends and colleagues for advice and how to get your foot in the door. This is one of your greatest resources for understanding what is required and who to talk to. Spread your net wide, you never know who might be able to help.