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5 Resume Writing Rules To Engage The Reader

If you are actively looking to apply for a job, you have to have a resume that best represents you. Here are a few rules to follow to make your resume stand out to the hiring manager and get you one step closer to your dream job.

1. Keep it simple.

It is tempting to include everything you’ve ever done in your resume. Bad idea! Most hiring managers only spends six seconds reading your resume? Keep it down to a page and prioritize the key parts: your background, experience, and skills. Unless you are applying to be a partner or executive, this should be an acceptable practice.

2. Use your English.

The quickest way to get your resume thrown in the trash is with careless typos and mistakes. It is paramount to write with good grammar and a professional tone. Watch out for your tenses and avoid first person pronouns. Follow the basic rules of English and you’ll never go wrong.

3. Enhance its visual appeal.

Organize your resume in a way that makes it easier for the reader to know more about you. Highlight job titles, bold each section. Don’t cram everything with a 9-point font (although it’s tempting). Going below 10-point is a big no. If you have an artistic flair but could use some help from a professional designer, check out eye-catching resume templates.

4. Set yourself apart.

A hiring manager will have tons of resumes to trawl through. You want to stand out by putting what you think makes you unique. Think this before you write, “Will this help me get the job?”

5. Let it tell your story.

Your resume should convince the reader that you are perfect for the job. Always keep the context intact, like the details of each job experience. Specify the location, years you worked. Only write skills that are relevant to the job in question. A resume is you on a paper, so make it as awesome as you would like to be when they meet you in person.