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Vegan Jobs are on the Rise

According to the latest labor market research conducted by Adzuna, veganism is moving speedily into the mainstream with a growing demand for vegan chefs across the country.

For most accurate insights, we gathered internal data from Adzuna’s website from 2018 to anticipate hiring trends for the upcoming months. While jobs in logistics, healthcare, and IT maintain their position as the leading industries, Adzuna noted a considerable rise in hospitality and catering roles. Interestingly, we found that vegan chefs are becoming increasingly sought after in the US job market. As noted in the Top Trends in Prepared Foods report, at least six percent of the U.S. population now identifies as vegan. 

The Details

The data found that, depending on experience, vegan chefs can expect to earn anywhere between $38,211 and $49,600 annually. For those seriously considering pursuing the vegan career path, Los Angeles and NYC offer some of highest numbers of vacancies and rank among the most vegan friendly cities. 

“It’s always fascinating to see how developments in the political and technological world are impacting [job] vacancies,” Adzuna’s co-founder Andrew Hunter said. “Issues and trends such as sustainability and veganism have also had a profound impact on the job market, and it’s pleasing to see how brand new job roles have been created to serve demand in these areas.” In November, culinary school Vegan Chef Institute launched a fast-track program to help aspiring culinarians quickly move into the workforce.

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