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74% of employers reduced their hiring needs because of Covid-19

When the pandemic hit, 74% of employers reduced their hiring, with 7% stopping it entirely according to research conducted by Direct Employers and Adzuna.

We worked together with Direct Employers to survey US employers to see how the coronavirus pandemic had affected their hiring needs. We also asked employees and jobseekers in our user base how they felt about their employment prospects on the back of the disruption. 

We found that most employers reduced their hiring capacity, and a similar proportion (67%) of employees found their circumstances worse off – either facing furlough, reduced hours, or unemployment. Despite that, a lot of potential jobseekers felt confident that they could find a job if needed.

Our report also asked employers and employees for their views on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives – asking employers what initiatives they were undertaking and how they rated their organization’s approach. On top of that, we asked employees how important these issues were for them in applying for a job. The headlines suggest that these issues are important to jobseekers, but most employers felt they had room for improvement in addressing them.

To get the full insight and download the report – go to here.