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10 of the coolest offices in the US

As normality resumes we’re gonna start spending a lot more time in the office again which means the office environment is pretty important.

We’ve found some of the coolest offices in the US which we think would be hard to resist. From eco-friendly to dog-friendly, here’s a list of offices that give us serious office envy!


The coolest offices in the US


Cards Against Humanity

Who: The creators of everyone’s favorite late-night card game 

Where: Chicago, Illinois 

Why it’s cool: The creators of Cards Against Humanity created an awesome space using shipping containers inside what looks like a supermundane office building. Inside they’ve created their own hipster paradise complete with a shisha lounge inside a shipping container. The other containers contain work pods and one even has a Japanese-style tea lounge!

All photos credited to: Nicholas James Photography 



Who: The world-renowned sports label from whom most of us have at least one pair of kicks. 

Where: Beaverton, Oregon 

Why it’s cool: The world headquarters of Nike spans over 400 acres and is an absolute dream for anyone who loves sport or the outdoors. As well as a bunch of indoor sports facilities like a basketball court there are also miles of running tracks through the Oregon countryside. 

What’s more, the company also operates with summer hours, meaning employees work shorter hours throughout the summer months.

All photos credited to: NIKE, Inc.



Who: An online marketplace for homestays, vacation rentals, and holiday experiences.

Where: San Francisco, California

Why it’s cool: The Airbnb offices take you all around the world from the comfort of their offices in California. With meeting rooms and hangout spaces in everything from a log cabin, to a caravan, to a Moroccan-style tea room, these offices truly feel global!

As well as some pretty quirky design features there are also onsite-themed food and drinks outlets including an LA-themed coffee shop. 

All photos credited to: Jeremy Bittermann


Whole Foods

Who: The multinational supermarket chain that is certified organic in the USA.

Where: Austin, Texas

Why it’s cool: Sticking to their green ethos when Whole Foods redesigned their headquarters they made sure they recycled pre-existing materials, used environmentally sound materials, and made all of the workspaces as multi-use as possible. 

The office incorporates a lot of Whole Foods’ branding and their social and sustainability goals, including the Whole Kids Foundation, so staff are reminded of the good that comes from the work they do. 

All photos credited to: Art Gray



Who: The e-commerce site focused on vintage, handmade, and craft supplies.

Where: New York City, New York 

Why it’s cool: Etsy’s offices have everything you’d expected from a young technology company. There are loads of open and social space, bike racks, and open plan desks. 

What sets their offices apart though are the gorgeous design features focusing on a handmade feel with quirky alcoves of different themes. What’s super awesome too is the craft supplies that are available for staff to use and get creative with. A perfect office for any artists and crafters!

All photos credited to: Etsy



Who: The dog supply company that creates monthly subscriptions for your dog.

Where: Columbus, Ohio

Why it’s cool: New York company Bark has its subscription box sub-brand, Barkbox, based out of Columbus, Ohio. The office is designed for humans and their dogs with integrated beds, feeding, and play areas. The beds in particular are designed to double up as workspaces and dog beds so humans and their four-legged friends can live harmoniously. 

This definitely isn’t the right office for you if you have allergies!

All photos credited to: Chuck Choi for NBBJ



Who: An Oscar-winning visual effects agency.

Where: Los Angeles, California 

Why it’s cool: It’s all about that incredible sunset view. The 50ft tower was once used to dry and hang treated fire retardant fabric for the airline industry and is now a conference space and rooftop hangout for staff. 

We love how they repurposed such an industrial building into a sleek and modern office space!


All photos credited to: Art Gray and Brooke McGowan for DHD Architects



Who: The unconventional interior design firm.

Where: Detroit, Michigan

Why it’s cool: One of the lesser-known companies to make this list, Pophouse, formerly dPop, absolutely had to make this list. Their offices are inside the site of an old loan company. 

They’ve lovingly restored and incorporated the features of the old building, including a conference room in an old vault. 

If you’re a design buff then this is definitely the creative space for you!

All photos credited to: Pophouse Design


Urban Outfitters

Who: The fashion company behind Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. 

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Why it’s cool: Before creating their mammoth campus, Urban Outfitters staff were spread across six office locations in Philadelphia. Their truly epic campus is now in a long-neglected old navy yard incorporating its industrial past into the design. 

We love how they’ve incorporated loads of greenery into the design and the huge windows mean loads of light. 

The location too, right on the Delaware river, means that the views are truly spectacular. 

All photos credited to: Lara Swimmer for MSR Design



Who: The design software giant, beloved by graphic designers.

Where: San Jose, California

Why it’s cool: Adobe has been in the same offices for nearly thirty years but recently gave their offices a huge facelift. The new look includes a nature-inspired cafe, inspired by when Silicon Valley used to just be orchards. 

The design incorporates loads of incredible wall art inspired by the world around us, even with some wall art representing sound waves. 

What’s so impressive though is the green accolades this office has. In 2006 these offices were awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification by the United State Green Building Council for environmental sustainability. Adobe has definitely been leading the way for other tech giants to follow!

All photos credited to: HGA


Feeling inspired? These offices really showcase the variety of office spaces available here in the US. Ready to kickstart the job hunt and land your dream role in an awesome work environment? Then start your job search with Adzuna so you never miss that perfect role!