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The weirdest job titles & what they really mean

Every week we have hundreds of thousands of new job ads posted on our US site and some of them are more unusual than others.

With weird job titles, sometimes it’s just a way to make the job stand out from the 1000s of other jobs available. You’ll see this a lot in development, marketing, and sales roles. For others, the weird job title may genuinely mean a weird job, or a job you may have never known existed. 

We’ve analyzed the jobs currently available on our site and found some of our favourite weird job titles and the average salary you could expect. 


#1  – Marketing Guru

Average salary: $50,000

Fancy yourself as a bit evangelical when it comes to your area of marketing specialism? Then perhaps you should be a marketing guru? 

As companies, particularly in tech, start coming up with more and more unusual job titles keep an eye out for roles with master, guru, and extraordinaire instead of manager or executive. 

If you think guru would be a pretty great addition to your CV, keep an eye on roles here


#2 – Nocturnist

Average salary: $250,000

Turns out working the night shift can really pay off! If you’re a medical professional who doesn’t mind working a night shift on the regular then a role as a nocturnist has huge potential for financial rewards. 

Of course, working night shifts every day comes with huge sacrifices such as social and family life going out the window but could be a shorter-term role that may appeal. Especially if you’re paying off your debts from med school! 

For context, the average doctor’s wage is currently slightly under $100k. 

If you’re a night owl and medical professional, you can explore nocturnist roles here


#3 – Scare Actor

Average salary: Paid hourly, $10-15 ph 

Ever wanted to scare the bejesus out of theme park attendees and get paid for the pleasure? With Halloween coming up, the need for scare actors (also referred to as scare or ghost actors) is gradually increasing. 

Although this is a seasonal role, this could be a great way to make some extra cash, especially if you’re a student or work in hourly rate jobs. 

As well as getting a pretty neat costume, a lot of roles include free or discount rates to their attractions for you and our family. 

If you’re ready to make someone’s Halloween extra scary, find out more here. 


#4 – Threat Hunter

Average salary: $119,100

If you’re looking for a job title that will make you sound like you’d survive a zombie apocalypse then threat hunter certainly sounds cool. 

In reality, you’ll be working in cyber security (still pretty cool we think) performing threat research and complex initiatives to prevent cybercrime. 

In order to work as threat hunter, you’ll need a background in coding, with a focus on cyber security. 

If you’d be interested in fighting crime from your desk, keep an eye on threat hunter roles here. 


#5 – Vegan Cheeze Ambassador

Average salary: Above industry standard + tips 

We couldn’t resist adding this unusually cheezy role to the list. Working as a front of house store member, you’ll be responsible for becoming an expert in vegan cheezes. 

If you’re an advocate for plant-based living, have you ever considered job hunting by words or phrases such as ‘vegan’ or ‘plant based’? We’ve got a selection of vegan jobs available here. 


#6 – Video Game Tester

Average salary: $93,166

For a gamer, this sounds like a dream job! You’ll be responsible for testing the latest video games, finding any bugs, and working with the development teams to get these fixed. 

You’ll also have the chance to feedback on the fun factor and the playability of the game. 

This is definitely a great opportunity to shape the future of gaming with some of the US’ biggest studios. 

If you have expertise in gaming, find out more here. 


#7 – Data Wrangler

Average salary: $120,000

If you fancy wrangling data instead of cattle then this could be a really interesting role. Data wrangling is also known as data munging and is the process of cleaning data sets. 

You’ll work to build processes to extract and transform data such as documents, images, and videos. 

For roles as a data wrangler, you’ll need a background in computer science and a love of big data. 

Fancy wrangling some data? Take a look at our current roles. 


#8 – Sales Rockstar

Average salary: $38,460

In sales, you’ll find a lot of unusual job titles including rockstar, superstar, guru, and even jedi. 

A career in sales requires an outgoing personality, the ability to think on your feet, and the confidence to really get behind the product or service you’re selling. 

If you enjoy talking the talk, then perhaps you’re the sales rockstar these companies are looking for!

Find out how many sales rockstar roles are currently advertizing here.


#9 – Night Owl

Average salary: $29,647

Night owl roles are very different in terms of skills and pay to the nocturnist roles we had above. Night owls tend to work night shifts in facilities such as warehouses or factories. Depending on the company, these roles will be quite physically demanding and will involve working in production or picking and packing. 

You’ll find a lot of night owl roles in distribution warehouses for the likes of Amazon. 

These roles can be especially beneficial to families where paid childcare is not an option so one parent has to work days and one in the evenings. 

If you’re a night owl, see how many roles we currently have available here


#10 – Director of Fun

Average salary: $89,380

We love the sound of a director of fun as having fun at work is so important. These roles tend to be in activities management at anything from summer camps, which tend to be seasonal, to care homes. 

If you’re a master of organising and love coming up with creative activities, from sports to arts, to music and theatre then this could be perfect! 

Why not look at these fun roles if you feel you could bring fun to your work.


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