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Work Flexibility is More Important Than You May Think

The monotony of our everyday professional lives can sometimes get the worst of us. If we feel chained to our desks and fed up with the old routine, frustration mounts and our job-satisfaction can take a serious hit. That is why corporations far and wide are working towards optimizing work arrangements to strike a better Continued »

How to Dress for Success and Land the Job

It goes without saying that when it comes to job interviews, you want to put your best foot forward. While your experience and professional expertise are obviously important, looking the part definitely helps. The first judgement an interviewer makes, will inevitably rest on how you look and what you are wearing. That’s why it’s always important Continued »

Adzuna’s Guide to Salary Negotiation

We all know that job interviews are stressful to say the least, but it’s crucial to keep a cool head throughout the process. And when the right time comes — tactfully negotiate the offer. It goes without saying that establishing a fair working relationship even before signing the contract, is key for ensuring employee satisfaction Continued »

Time’s Up: Women Must Stop Undervaluing Themselves

Last month, Adzuna conducted a study measuring gender wage inequality through the use of its advanced ValueMyResume tool. Based on the extracted data, we were able to see not only that a pay disparity persists between men and women, but also that women continue to undermine themselves by demonstrating a detrimental lack of confidence in Continued »

Top 10 Cover Letter Tips

A well-crafted cover letter is an essential element of any successful job application. Done right, it will allow your passion and personality to shine through, convincing the hiring manager that you’re the perfect fit for the role. To bring you closer to landing your dream job, we talked with Adzuna’s in-house recruitment specialists, compiling a Continued »

Do You Need an MBA to Succeed in Business?

Going to college is likely to be one of your biggest lifetime investments. Yet over the course of recent years, graduates have been finding it increasingly difficult to enter the workforce even with a prestigious diploma in their back pockets. What about a Bachelor’s degree? Truth of the matter is, a Bachelor’s degree is no Continued »

How to Catch Millennials

Generally understood to be those in their 20s to 30s, millennials are already the largest segment in the American workplace. Despite often having short and scattered work histories, they offer skills that many older employees may not possess. It is time that business owners across the U.S. realise that in order to maintain a competitive edge Continued »

Vegan Jobs are on the Rise

According to the latest labor market research conducted by Adzuna, veganism is moving speedily into the mainstream with a growing demand for vegan chefs across the country. For most accurate insights, we gathered internal data from Adzuna’s website from 2018 to anticipate hiring trends for the upcoming months. While jobs in logistics, healthcare, and IT Continued »

What’s the Best Time of Year to Look for a New Job?

Are you feeling burnt out or generally unstimulated in your job? If so, it might mean it’s time to look for an alternative occupation. But before you jump ship, make sure the timing is right. To make it easier for you, data scientists at Adzuna have sifted through thousands of vacancies across America to see Continued »

Workplace Romance: Survey Results

Work or Pleasure? According to recent data from Adzuna, 40% of Americans have been romantically involved with a co-worker. Two fifths have had a fling with a colleague 60% of workplace relationships have led to dating 56% of workplace relationships had to be kept private With Valentine’s Day approaching, new data has revealed that workplaces Continued »