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Covid-19: How should job adverts change?

Covid-19 has thrown a grenade into the job market. Vacancies are down –  in the US job market, 34% down from its normal level, and the UK is down 52%. But as vacancies start to recover, and more businesses look to hire, what do employers need to consider when writing job advertising?   The jobseeker perspective Continued »

How different job categories are changing in the US

The job market in the US appears to have reached a plateau as it starts to recover from the low point after the covid-19 crisis. The past 3 weeks have seen jobs slightly down, but only by 2%. News that certain states and cities may have to impose harsher measures to avoid a second wave Continued »

What’s changed about jobseeker behavior?

We’re running out of ways to talk about how coronavirus has disrupted our daily lives. We’ve explored recently how it has helped accelerate the adoption and acceptance of “remote” working, as well as how hiring trends have changed across the country. But we wanted to take a closer look at the other side of the Continued »

Where have all the jobs gone? A regional breakdown

US unemployment is falling after its rapid and sudden peak at 14.7%. It remains incredibly high at 13.3%, equating to 21 million unemployed people across the country. The good news is that vacancies on are up 8% week on week, as the country starts to ease out of lockdowns. We wanted to take a Continued »

The rise of remote working. Is it here to stay?

For a change to properly take hold, sometimes it takes a shock to force people to make that change, and once we’ve made the change we wonder how we could have operated the old way. That seems to be the case with remote working. Coronavirus is the shock, and the idea seems to have taken Continued »

How to recruit remotely

Remote working is a hot topic for obvious reasons, and it’s likely to become one of the main features of working today that will last beyond the virus. Businesses across the US that have typically been resistant to remote working have been forced to embrace it, and the general sense is that a lot of Continued »

Why Programmatic Recruitment Matters More Than Ever

Coronavirus is a shock to the system across the whole economy. For recruitment it’s changing the game, but we think that change will result in something more permanent: widespread adoption of programmatic recruitment platforms. Why do we think that? Glad you asked. We decided to put pen to paper and write up the 8 key Continued »

Who’s hiring in the US?

The US economy has gone from a period of near historic unemployment lows, with an official rate of 4.4% to the other extreme. Unemployment could be as high as 20% according to some economists – a level not experienced since the Great Depression.  The ADP National Employment Report suggests that 20 million jobs have been Continued »