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Best places to live for college graduates looking for work

According to data from global job search engine Adzuna, college graduates of all levels will enter a job market with ample openings across a variety of industries and states, and as graduation season fast approaches, there’s good news for the upcoming batch of graduates.

As of April 20, 2018, Adzuna recorded 107,270 entry level openings for undergraduates, offering an average salary of $53,280. By state, California was noted for having the most open entry level positions, with the top five states spanning across the US giving entry level hires national coverage.

When searching for keywords related to college job openings, including graduate level, postgraduate and entry-level positions from live listings on, it was clear that as education levels go up, the relationship between average salary and the number of job openings becomes inversely related, i.e. salaries are on the rise while the number of job listings are reducing. In contrast to undergrads, there were only 5,615 graduate level job openings available but the average salary is over $20K higher at $76,953. Post-graduate job listings are scarcer still at 2,091, but the rewards jump up again, with an average salary of $85,566.

Unsurprisingly, as expertise is refined through higher education, the job landscape becomes significantly more competitive. However, those entry level candidates looking for careers in logistics and warehouse roles are sure to find the most selection with high demand within this field.

In addition, leveraging research from, the team worked directly with hiring managers to identify the top ten requirements employers look for in their new hires, including:

  1. Real world experience: do they have experience working in the industry or any skills they have gained that can translate to the job?
  2. Good communication skills: have they worked in teams, can they articulate well and can they effectively communicate cross-functionally?
  3. Problem-solving skills: are they able to think critically, and have their actions positively impacted a problem they had at work?
  4. Work ethic: are they reliable, do they go above and beyond for tasks and do they want to improve themselves?
  5. Leadership skills: can they take charge of a project and run a team well?
  6. Creativity: will they bring something new and different to the company?
  7. Strong public speaking: are they able to articulate well during the interview?
  8. Ethical standards: with so many ethical scandals coming out in many different industries, does this person uphold good ethics and morals?
  9. Organization: can they stay on top of deadlines, be on time to meetings and work well with structure?
  10. Proficiency in technology: almost every job requires a computer, does this person have any experience working with software?

For college graduates at all levels, especially those applying for more competitive roles, it’ll be wise to tailor their resumes to accommodate these ten requirements – based on the description of the role. Free AI tools like Adzuna’s ValueMyResume analyzes resumes, automatically suggesting improvements to resumes from an HR perspective, which helps guide job seekers as they compile competitive resumes.

Lily Valentin, US Country Manager at Adzuna, comments: “The US employment landscape has shown troubling signs. Job creation remains prolific and unemployment rates remain low at just 3.9%, meaning the market to attract strong candidates is extremely competitive. With job vacancies increasing, and the next generation of college grads entering the job market, it’ll be critical for job seekers to differentiate themselves through their resumes, and emphasize the skills that matter the most to recruiters – especially for the more specialized, coveted positions available today.”

Start your career off right by checking out Adzuna, with over 3 million job listing, you are sure to find the right fit!