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Competition for jobs falls to 6-month low

The jobs market has been through the wringer over the last six months, but there are signs emerging that the worst may be over. Competition for jobs has fallen to a six month low, meaning an easier time for the millions of Americans currently looking for work. Our latest US Job Market Report analyzes trends Continued »

Job markets in blue states recover faster than red states

Here at Adzuna HQ, we’ve been closely following local labor market developments across the 50 US states ahead of the 2020 presidential election on 3rd November. In fact, you may have already seen our research on the states leading the US recovery. (If not, why not? Check it out here!) Diving even deeper, we’ve done some analysis Continued »

Which states are leading the recovery in the US?

Our latest job vacancy numbers for the USA show that we’re within striking distance of the pre-pandemic levels. Having fallen from over 4 million to just 2.1 million vacancies at the end of April, here in September the overall number has recovered back to 3.6 million. The unemployment rate (which lags behind our real-time numbers) Continued »

Where are all the jobs? The cities and sectors hiring now

Finding a job during the pandemic can feel like an impossible task. Covid-19 has ravaged the economy and stalled hiring, with 14.8 million Americans remaining unemployed, hiring activity slipping significantly and competition for jobs increasingly intense. But, if you can be flexible on location, following in the footsteps of many big corporates and moving to Continued »

Adzuna’s mission to Get America Working

2020 has been an extremely challenging year for jobseekers and employers. The U.S. job market has been decimated by the coronavirus crisis, and despite some signs that a recovery may be on the horizon, the picture in September 2020 remains bleak. We are experiencing one of the biggest economic slumps in living memory; 14.8 million Continued »