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The 10 coolest work-study placements for fall

As colleges reopen and the new academic year starts again, you might be looking for a work-study placement in order to earn money alongside your academic commitments. The US Government has a scheme in place, Federal Work-Study, which provides paid work placements for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at part-time hours in a range of Continued »

The most LGBTQ+ inclusive metros, states & sectors

For Pride Month, our resident Adzuna data gurus analyzed nearly 9.7 million job vacancies across 10 different countries that host major Pride celebrations to reveal the cities and countries most inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. We’ve also taken a look at inclusivity within the US by comparing states and sectors. Here’s what we found.   Continued »

10 of the coolest offices in the US

As normality resumes we’re gonna start spending a lot more time in the office again which means the office environment is pretty important. We’ve found some of the coolest offices in the US which we think would be hard to resist. From eco-friendly to dog-friendly, here’s a list of offices that give us serious office Continued »

20 jobs you can do without a college degree

It’s been a tough year for jobseekers making it difficult to stand out in a competitive job market. For those without a college education, that job hunt has been even harder with fewer jobs available and competition from skilled workers and recent graduates. It seems though that employment opportunities are opening up. We recently researched Continued »

How is the job market tracking so far in 2021?

It’s been a politically rocky few months for the US, but has the jobs market managed to stay on an even keel? With our January numbers in, we took a look at job openings across the country to find out which sectors are hiring, which cities are thriving, and what’s happening overall.  Here’s what we Continued »

The spookiest jobs on offer this Halloween

Halloween lovers are in for a (trick or) treat this year, with nearly 30,000 creepy jobs up for grabs across the U.S. We’ve spotted roles for Pumpkin Patch Hands and Gothic Games Designers at entertainment company Blizzard, to name just two. So we took a look at the 4.6million+ jobs currently available on Adzuna to reveal the Continued »

Competition for jobs falls to 6-month low

The jobs market has been through the wringer over the last six months, but there are signs emerging that the worst may be over. Competition for jobs has fallen to a six month low, meaning an easier time for the millions of Americans currently looking for work. Our latest US Job Market Report analyzes trends Continued »

Job markets in blue states recover faster than red states

Here at Adzuna HQ, we’ve been closely following local labor market developments across the 50 US states ahead of the 2020 presidential election on 3rd November. In fact, you may have already seen our research on the states leading the US recovery. (If not, why not? Check it out here!) Diving even deeper, we’ve done some analysis Continued »