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The 12 coolest work perks on offer right now

Companies in the US are constantly trying to figure out new ways to retain and attract talent. A popular option is offering staff fun and unique perks. But what are the coolest perks that companies are dishing out to their employees? At Adzuna, we’ve taken a look at some of the most interesting benefits for employees and where you can find them.


Work from anywhere

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 12,846

Top companies offering perk: Pearson, Quora, American Express, Toptal, Shopify, Zapier

First on our list is the perk of being able to work anywhere. You have probably heard of hybrid working or working remotely, but some companies have taken this to a whole new level. The education company, Pearson, is an example of this. They claim that their employees can work anywhere at any time. The company believes this perk is key to a work-life balance, which is critical for their culture. Pretty cool, right? 

Quora is another company offering a ‘work from anywhere’ scheme. The Q&A platform implemented a ‘remote-first’ policy. Most positions in the company are now able to be done from anywhere in the world. 

Other companies offering the ‘work from anywhere’ perk include American Express, Toptal, Shopify, and Zapier.

Currently, there are 12,846 live vacancies for work from anywhere roles, with IT being the sector with the highest number of work from anywhere roles. It’s hardly surprising that these types of roles are so popular. Following the pandemic, more companies were forced to adopt a fully remote or a hybrid model. Countries like Barbados are currently offering one-year remote working visas, so with the right job and company culture, you can swap your office-based role for a beach-based role.  Maybe you’ll be able to finally swap your beach Zoom background for a real beach background!


Pawternity leave

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 396

Top companies offering perk: Mars Petcare,, Ozmo

No that isn’t a typo, pawternity leave is actually a thing! But what is it? During lockdown, you may have bought or adopted a new furry friend. You probably got to spend loads of time with them as offices were shut. Now offices are reopening and tons of companies are expecting employees to come into the office at least a few times a week, the bonding between a pet and its owner is a bit more challenging. Some companies, such as Ozmo, are aware of this and have introduced paid pawternity leave. Although not as long as maternity and paternity leave, the tech company gives its employees a great chance to bond with their pets and begin training them before going into the office. After all, who wants their puppy to eat their walls and furniture whilst they’re out?

Other companies offering pawternity leave include Mars Petcare and

Currently, there are 396 jobs in the US offering pawternity leave. If you’re looking to benefit from this perk, check out jobs in the HR and recruitment sector, as it has the highest amount of vacancies with the perk. 


Dog-friendly office

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 1,300

Top companies offering perk: Google, Refinery29, Purina, Airbnb, Fable

If you’re animal obsessed, why not find a job with a dog-friendly office? With 1,300 jobs on our website currently advertising a dog-friendly office, it’s proving to be a popular choice. Animal wellness brand Fable is just one example of a company welcoming furry friends into the office. 

Airbnb takes this to another level! The pets of employees at the company have their own employee badges. Other companies who have dog-friendly offices include Google, Refinery29, and Purina.

If you’re looking for a job where you don’t have to hire a pet sitter or you just love dogs, roles in hospitality and catering would be a great place to start, as this is the sector with the highest number of dog-friendly offices. 


Fertility benefits

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 2,563

Top companies offering perk: Chanel, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, Bumble

A benefit that has really increased in popularity recently is fertility benefits. Tons of companies are now offering benefits for those struggling to conceive, including egg freezing, IVF, and sometimes even surrogacy. Normally, companies who offer this perk will fund the fertility journey, or allow paid leave for their employees who are trying to conceive. With one in five heterosexual women in the US struggling to conceive within one year, fertility benefits will undoubtedly be very popular and will help a huge amount of people. 

One company currently offering this is Salesforce. The software company currently has 979 vacancies on our website with fertility benefits listed as a work perk. Salesforce offers $75,000 in IVF benefits. However, the company doesn’t stop there and offers adoption assistance as well as enhanced parental leave. All of these perks are awesome and definitely help out people wishing to start their own families!

Other well-known companies offering fertility benefits include Chanel, Facebook, and Bumble.


Unlimited vacation

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 3,727

Top companies offering perk: EY, Netflix, Paddle

Feel like you’re always working? Some companies have found a solution to that. Software company Paddle is one example of a company introducing unlimited vacation, so if their annual company retreats aren’t enough, you can take holiday whenever you want. With the average American taking just 10 days off, this seems like a great bet to achieve more of a work-life balance. What’s in it for the company? Companies that have implemented schemes for unlimited vacation have actually found that it increases employee productivity. 

Another company offering this particular perk is EY. The company offers 19 paid holidays a year, with unlimited vacation as an option. 

Unlimited vacation is becoming a more popular option for employers. In the US, there are 3,727 roles available with unlimited vacation. The best sector to explore would be PR, Advertising & Marketing followed by IT jobs, as most of the unlimited vacation roles fall under these categories. 


Free concert tickets

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 1,528

Top companies offering perk: Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Next Generation Wireless

If you’re a music fan, this perk is for you. Global entertainment company, Live Nation Entertainment, offers several benefits, including free tickets to concerts, festivals, and sports games. As the company has such a wide range of events on its website, this is a great choice for employees.  

Other companies offering free concert tickets to staff include Ticketmaster and Next Generation Wireless.

Surprisingly, free concert tickets are a pretty popular perk for companies. Currently, there are 1,528 available vacancies with free concert tickets listed as a perk. The perk is most popular among companies in the hospitality and catering industry, which is hardly surprising. 


Happy hour

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 6,435

Top companies offering perk: GrubHub, Amazon, Brandtailers

Typically, drinking in the office isn’t socially acceptable and in most cases, it could get you fired. But if you’re craving the party lifestyle even in the office, you’ll be happy to hear that loads of companies are offering happy hours. Californian marketing agency Brandtailers is an example of this. They list weekly happy hours as one of their perks. However, they do also note that happy hours sometimes appear more frequently. This is great news for those of you who like a mojito before 5PM!

The digital marketing agency isn’t alone. A huge 6,435 roles advertised on our site claim happy hour as one of their perks, with jobs in the IT sector being most likely to adopt the perk. 

Some other companies offering happy hours include GrubHub and Amazon.


Free Netflix

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 4,019

Top companies offering perk: Pizza Hut, Netflix

Everyone loves a cozy day on the sofa watching Netflix, right? Well, some companies are offering a free Netflix subscription! This will definitely be useful with the recent increase in Netflix subscription prices. Pizza Hut is a well-known name offering its delivery drivers free access to the streaming site. After all, who doesn’t love pizza and Netflix?

You may have guessed this one already; staff at Netflix also receive a free Netflix subscription! After all, you’d be pretty disappointed if you heard about all of the new shows without being able to watch them!


Free food

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 7,243

Top companies offering perk: Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Google, Five Guys, McDonald’s 

Always forgetting to eat breakfast? Well, tons of companies are now offering free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, so it is definitely worth the occasional office trip! Originally, the trend started as a result of restaurants being closed during the pandemic, but proved very popular among staff. It definitely looks like free food in the office is here to stay (especially to get employees back in the office!)

Staff at recruitment company Adecco have the luxury of free breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee, and soft drinks. This is definitely an incentive for those who don’t always want to brave the commute to the office! 

Other office based companies are also offering their staff free food including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Google.

If you love fast food, have you considered working in a fast-food restaurant? Employees at Five Guys and McDonald’s are given free food on shift, which is pretty cool. It is definitely fun to know that if you get hungry on your shift, you can make yourself a burger with all of the toppings. 

Currently, there are 7,243 jobs in the US including free food as a benefit. Unsurprisingly, hospitality and catering have the largest amount of jobs advertising the perk. However, we are seeing an increase in other sectors advertising free food in an attempt to increase the number of employees in the office. 


Gym memberships

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 1,892

Top companies offering perk: Hilton, Chick-fil-A, Anytime Fitness, Lululemon

Gym memberships can be expensive, right? Well, plenty of companies now offer free gym memberships to their employees, so you can save your dollars whilst getting fit. Fast-food chain Chick-fil-A offers to pay for its employees’ gym memberships. 

Hilton, Anytime Fitness, and Lululemon are some other examples of companies offering free gym memberships.

If you’re looking to become a gym bunny, there are 1,829 jobs currently offering free gym memberships in the US. The majority of the jobs seeing these types of perks are found within the hospitality and catering industries, so it is definitely worth taking a look there. 


Childcare support

Number of vacancies advertising perk: 1,485

Top companies offering perk: McDonald’s, Adobe, Accenture, Intel, Patagonia 

Companies are recognizing the need for an improved work-life balance more frequently. The offer of childcare support is a pretty hot topic at the moment. Since the pandemic, companies have taken the role of parents more seriously and many have started to provide not only flexible work schedules but also on-site or near-site day-care centers and expanded backup care. 

Some major companies have stepped up to offer childcare support, including McDonald’s and Adobe. McDonald’s is offering emergency childcare if an employee is called in for a shift last minute and tuition assistance for college fees. Adobe offers free access to Sittercity, a database to find nannies, babysitters, and housekeepers. They also offer other perks, including discounts on summer day camps, backup childcare, and even reimbursements for external childcare if they cannot source it themselves.

Accenture, Intel, and Patagonia are also offering various types of childcare support. 



Number of vacancies advertising perk: 16,482

Top companies offering perk: Starbucks, Wikimedia, Jobot

Employers are constantly evolving to suit new challenges and following the pandemic especially, they have begun to place more focus on mental health. Companies are offering a range of perks to not only improve the mental health of employees but also encourage them back into the office.

To assist employees with their mental health, companies are frequently offering access to free therapy. Starbucks is a well-known company that has increased its focus on the mental health of employees. The company has partnered with Lyra Mental Health, which includes offering Starbucks staff, their spouses, and children 20 free in-person or virtual counseling sessions per person per year. This will undoubtedly go a very long way in ensuring that the mental health of Starbucks’ staff, as well as their families, is taken seriously. 

If you often find yourself feeling tense after a long day of work, employers have found a solution. Companies, such as Wikimedia, are offering monthly free massages. All you have to do is go into the San Francisco office and you’ll be greeted by a masseuse. How amazing!

Another method that companies are using to relieve stress, as well as encourage office usage, is free yoga classes. Jobot is offering their staff yoga sessions every Friday morning. There are definitely worse ways to start the weekend!


So, what is the catch?

All of these perks seem pretty cool and definitely something to watch out for when searching for jobs. However, it is worth noting that there are pitfalls to certain perks.

Lower salaries

Perhaps the most important pitfall of these perks is that some companies use them as an excuse to pay their staff less. With the average US household having to spend an extra $5,200 this year compared to last year for the same consumption, this is definitely something that needs to be reviewed. By offering several perks to employees, some companies are actually saving money as they feel that offering exciting benefits can replace a good wage. So, before accepting a job offer, make sure that you research how much you should be getting paid through our ValueMyResume tool. Whilst the cost of living is at an all-time high, this is really worth taking a look at. Everyday costs such as gas and groceries are constantly increasing so it is really important that your salary will cover this. With almost two-thirds of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, free fruit in the office may appear a fun perk but it is important that your company is paying you enough to live comfortably.  


Tax deductions

One of the more common perks which you may have seen popping up is medical insurance. This is clearly a massive help to employees as healthcare is expensive. However, it is definitely worth noting that you will have to pay tax on the insurance. This means that although the insurance is subsidized, you will still have to contribute towards it so make sure this doesn’t catch you off guard!


Tax regulations

Working your job on a beach in the Caribbean sounds pretty idyllic, right? It definitely would be nice, but you could get quite a shock when you get your next paycheck. You may end up paying double the amount of tax that you had paid previously, as you could be classed as a tax resident. This pitfall is pretty complicated as it depends on the regulations of which country you visit and whether they have a tax treaty with the US. However, as a general rule, you will not be taxed in the country you visit if you are there for less than six months, so if you’re planning to work abroad for a short time period, this could be a good option. However, make sure that you check the country’s guidance before making any grand plans. You will also need to check your company’s flexible working policies to make sure that they aren’t expecting you in the New York office when you’re watching the sunset in the Bahamas! 


Is ‘unlimited vacation’ really ‘unlimited’?

Planning all of your vacations with your unlimited allowance? Well, it might be worth not booking everything at once. In theory, unlimited vacation sounds like a dream. However, it may not live up to all of your expectations. Typically, employers will have a general range of the number of acceptable days to take off. So, maybe don’t expect to be able to take 75% of the year off. It also probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea to go on a month-long trip and tell your boss the day before. 

This policy can also have the opposite effect on staff. As employees don’t tend to have an idea of how many days they should take off, they may actually end up taking less time than they are due! This unclarity can lead to a burned-out workforce and definitely isn’t great for your mental health. Some companies are actually implementing a minimum amount of vacation days to ensure that staff are getting their well-deserved breaks. It might be worth speaking to your boss about whether or not the company has a general range in mind. This will ensure you don’t lose out on paid time off and you are not exploiting the policies in place. 


Inability to switch off

A pitfall of flexible working is the inability to switch off. As employees have become accustomed to working anywhere at any time, many are left feeling that they have to be contactable at all times, even on vacation. Despite the fact flexible working was implemented to improve work-life balance, for some employees, it’s actually having the opposite effect. So, if your company offers flexible working ensure that you do take the time off which you are entitled to. Remember that you need to take a break!


So there we have it; a list of some of the coolest work perks that companies are offering right now. It’s probably worth noting that it’s not the best idea to request everything on this list straight away, but it is definitely beneficial to know what is out there.

If you’re wanting a job with more perks, use our website to find your dream role.


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