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Career Event- Disaster Response Training- High School/College Students/New Graduates

Columbus, OH


Disaster Response. Emergency Management. Community Support. Technology Services.

An excellent option for those interested in business, computer science/IT/Networking, GIS/GPS technology, emergency services, disaster response, public administration, social sciences, law enforcement, homeland security, public health, public relations, human services, social services, non-profit services, or careers with local, state or federal government and organizations.

The US Government offers paid programs for training and leadership. Build your employment portfolio with relevant experience, gain new skills and leadership experience, replace traditional student jobs like waiting tables, sandwich artist, cashier, food delivery driver and retail work on your resume- and really impress the next person who interviews you. Receive an educational award to pay off student debt, or to acquire more education or job training in the future. Enhance your resume for any future employer, government agency, or non-profit organization through hands-on experience in your field. Gain management and leadership experience. Earn college credits.

Federal Program Benefits

  • No experience or education level required; No diploma or degree required
  • Gain experience while exploring career options
  • Gain a competitive edge over other job applicants in private or government sectors
  • Gain leadership and management experience
  • Gain college credits for continuing education and workforce development (earn 6-9 credit hours)
  • Gain new contacts by networking with government and community agency directors
  • Gain new skills in your career field and expand your capabilities
  • Gain advantages for college, trade school or apprenticeships
  • Team Leader option for those with advanced skills and education
  • Begin application process at age 17
  • Program can be repeated
  • Travel, lodging, healthcare- plus childcare allowance if applicable
  • Earn bi-weekly pay plus $6,095 to pay off educational debt or pay for future educational and job training expenses

Please attend our information session for program options and application assistance:

Virtual Information Session (available 24/7)