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Engineer III, OSP Design

Anchorage, AK
GCI Communication Corp


Purpose of the Engineer III, OSP Design Position: Provide engineering design and implementation services necessary to support the company's outside plant by providing design and mapping to maximize the design; compile/review and maintain related project data and support data systems, development, and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency of related data systems.

Focus of the OSP Design Data Management Position:

Provide engineering design and implementation services necessary to support the company's outside plant by providing design and mapping to maximize the design; compile/review and maintain related project data and support data systems, development, and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency of related data systems.

In addition to qualifications/experience will require fiber focuses responsibilities as outlined.

Fiber Focuses:

- Create detailed circuit design in OSP Insight and splicing packet documentation.

- Model fiber routes in detail correlated to Google Earth imagery and supplied construction packets.

- Process fiber construction asbuilts to include route verification and update required Insight attribute date.

- Process fiber feasibility studies when requested.

- Supply needed documentation during fiber restoration and outage situations.

- Provide necessary circuit information upon request.

Essential Duties of the Position:

- Plan and develop drawings for construction of new, and removal or rearrangement of existing, overhead or underground lines, cables, and conduits to obtain optimum and economical utilization of communications facilities.

- Designs work orders for broadband technology and conduit systems.

Identifies and designs distribution work orders for relief and modernization of facilities.

- Analyzes designs of feeder and distribution facilities.

- Analyze traffic loads, available and existing lines, and estimates or forecasts of projected traffic to determine new construction or rearrangements and removals required.

- Selects routing of lines and equipment required for work projects.

- Prepare detailed construction and installation drawings, and estimates equipment, labor, and material costs.

- Initiates work authorization request and submits request with substantiating drawings, and documents to management for approval.

- Orders materials and equipment required and directs work activities to ensure conformance with engineering specifications and work authorization

- Prepare fiber splicing packets (SPACs) to create splicing documentation circuit between alpha and omega locations.

- Support emergency fiber repairs to include taper reports, identifying priority circuits, and damage location.

- Support workgroups with fiber feasibility studies to include construction requirements and fiber availability information.

- Issue fiber access request responses to include updating fiber management database and issued supporting documentation to include port assignments and light loses.

Additional Job Requirements: At a senior engineer level, will be expected to perform highly complex and diverse design, plans, analysis, and implementation related to outside plant. Will review and provide final engineering design specifications and service requirements. Must be able to make independent engineering decisions and provide technical direction and resolutions. Receives clear direction on assignment objectives, complex features and possible solutions. Must be able to function in the role of Project Engineer for large projects. Capable of coordinating, directing, assisting and providing technical direction to junior engineers and supporting technicians. Provide designs, estimates, and mapping of outside plant to maximize economy of design; compile/review and maintain related OSP project data and support/data systems; assist with development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure accuracy and consistency of related data systems for the expansion.

Essential Duties for this position:

- OSP Design and Project Management of construction personnel involved with the extension of OSP facilities to sites.

- Creation, as built submission of fiber optic platform electronic design, mapping and specification files (State Wide).

- Hybrid fiber coax optical project design to include inside plant laser platform and optical splitter/combiner designs.

- Building entrance facilities, including structural requirements, riser cables, routing, terminations, and equipment room layouts and equipment configurations.

- Review designs and specifications submitted by OSP staff and contractors for conformance with GCI standards, making recommendations as beneficial or necessary.

- Evaluate, recommend alternatives and prioritize projects, analyzing design, costs, conditions, construction methods, permit/lease status, joint-use opportunities, etc.

- Coordinate with utilities, agencies and other GCI departments to ensure service commitments are reasonable and attainable and to facilitate scheduling for subsequent internal plant maintenance, repair and/or extension;

- Coordinate with GCI Commercial Sales and new building owners for the advance placement of entrance conduits and securing of space and power.

- Secure and maintain space and power documentation from building owners for new and existing sites.

- Projects review/close-out to ensure ?as-built? information and records are returned and updated, consistent with actual conditions.

- Upon direction of Manager of Transport Engineering Commercial and/or Director of Transport and Data, may be assigned management of designated projects and/or subcontractors, including scope, schedule, budget, permitting/leasing/access requirements, tracking, monitoring and reporting.

- Coordination of Commercial Projects with OSP Design to assure records and met points are documented and scheduled.

- Participates in all aspects of Planning during the off-construction season to assure plant extensions conform to requirements.

- Perform Quality Assurance review to determine whether or not documentation complies with applicable GCI standards; take corrective measures where warranted.

- Assist in development, review and implementation of statewide GCI policies, procedures and standards for OSP design, construction, and related project management and administration.

- Will work with counterparts in other systems planning.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

- Demonstrated knowledge of applicable state, federal and local rules and regulations pertaining to design, construction and maintenance of fiber and coax.

- Demonstrated work experience in hybrid fiber coax design, splicing, construction and project administration.

- Working experience interacting with utilities and dealing with public access issues/requirements.

- Demonstrated ability to generate plats and system design maps.

- Communication skills ? demonstrated ability to effectively relay technical information/concepts, verbally and in writing, to customers, contractors, utilities, and departmental personnel with varying degrees of technical knowledge; Ability to generate and translate information in drawings, blueprints, spreadsheets, as-builds, etc. to others; must be comfortable speaking in public and group settings.

- Project management - demonstrated ability to negotiate and administer contracts; evaluate work in progress; manage and direct craft personnel/contractors; coordinate with and maintain amiable working relationships with customers, contractors, utilities, enforcement agencies, general public, and other departmental personnel.

- Computer skills - working knowledge of OSP Insight, MapInfo, AutoCAD, or their equivalents; must be able to operate Microsoft Office package or equivalent spreadsheets, word processing, email, database and presentation programs.

Experience required for the Engineer III, OSP Design position:

- Minimum of six years' total experience of outside plant engineering experience to include fiber optic and coax design, construction, maintenance, and project management at increasing levels of complexity required.

- High School diploma or equivalent required. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Telecommunications or related field is required.

- In addition to minimum experience required, a combination of relevant education and work experience sufficient to perform the duties of the job may substitute for the degree on a year for year basis.

- Industry specific certifications highly valued. (i.e., SCTE, BDS certifications are valued) Professional Engineering certification highly valued.

Physical Requirements: Physical effort may include stooping, kneeling, touching, feeling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasping, talking, hearing, using hand tools and repetitive motions, climbing steps. When performing in the field, walking, crawling, bending, stooping and kneeling on varied surfaces such as roofs and in trenches often hampered by weather elements. Clarity of vision at every distance with good depth perception and ability to distinguish colors routinely for driving and performing/evaluating field work. Good hearing, capable of distinction between equipment signals and the human voice often amidst background noises, such as wind, rain and traffic. Ability to lift and carry up to 25 lbs.

Working Conditions: Subject to adverse weather and driving conditions when in the field. Worksites may be obstructed by weather and/or debris; heavy equipment, power lines and utilities operations may be present. Office work can involve long hours at computer screen and terminal; coordination by telephone and/or email with developers, contractors, utilities.

Must be able and willing to work flexible hours including, but not limited to, weekends, holidays, and evenings.

Some air travel required to other systems and/or remote projects; may require travel in small engine planes and/or use of RVs.

GCI and its subsidiaries operate in a 24/7 environment providing critical services to Alaskans and may need to respond to public health and safety matters or other business emergencies. Due to business needs employees may be contacted outside of the normal business hours to respond to the immediate emergency. You will be requested to provide an emergency after hours contact numbers.

Driving Requirements (if applicable): Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and a satisfactory driving record. Must be able to drive when in remote communities and operate ATV-style vehicles if necessary.

GCI is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or another characteristic protected by law.

Revised 10/2018