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Rehab Technician, Outpatient- U of L Health, Jewish Hospital Downtown- Full time- Days

Louisville, KY
UofL Physicians


The rehab tech provides a support role in the delivery of therapy services. This includes preparation and cleaning of the department and treatment area. The rehab aide may also prepare the patient for treatment, as directed by the therapist or therapist assistant. In addition, the rehab aide serves in the role as office coordinator when requested by the Manager/Supervisor/Director. Finally, the rehab aide functions as an effective team member and contributes to the development and achievement of department and organizational goals and objectives.

  1. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served.
    • Demonstrates knowledge related to age appropriate behavior, growth, and development of the patient.
    • Demonstrates proficiency in the operation of equipment utilized to perform the essential functions of the job.

  1. Assists in the delivery of treatment to the rehab patient population according to acceptable practice guidelines and in compliance with department policies and procedures.
    • Remains accessible to therapists and therapist assistants at all times, notifying each of any situations that would remove them from their assigned area.
    • Reports patient responses to treatment as they occur to the patient’s therapist or therapist assistant to ensure continuity of care.
    • Accurately reports any problems with treatment delivery immediately to the patient’s therapist or therapist assistant.
    • Notifies the therapist or therapist assistant of any cancellations and reasons for it.
    • Communicates any incident or unusual occurrence and completes the appropriate forms as necessary according to department policy.

  1. Completes required documentation and maintains pertinent records to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Maintains department logs as assigned, as applicable in setting.
    • Assists with patient intake process, scheduling, and other office duties as assigned during the absence of the office coordinator.
    • Ensures timely, accurate, and complete documentation of subjective and objective patient information, as appropriate and with the knowledge and co-signature of the licensed supervising therapist.

  1. Demonstrates the ability to be efficient and productive by organizing job duties and responsibilities.
    • Maintains a clean, neat, and safe working environment and workstation.
    • Willingly accepts additional responsibilities as necessary, without interruption of regular duties.
    • Utilizes good time management skills as evidenced by completion of assigned tasks within designated time frames.
    • Organizes and adjusts daily work priorities to meet the demands of each operational day, as demonstrated by ensuring coverage for clients when away from the department, and coordinating work flow with co-workers.
    • Assists other staff by informing the Director, Manager, Supervisor or designee of available time.
    • Utilizes time of lowered caseload to work on individual goals and objectives intended to enhance clinical programs offered by the Rehab System.
    • Maintains productivity to maximize direct patient care and to allow work on individual goals and objectives.

  1. Maintains effective communication regarding therapy programs, facility programs, and departmental/programmatic issues.
    • Communicates patient status by providing timely written or verbal communication to therapists or therapist assistants.
    • Actively participates in departmental/programmatic meetings, constructively expressing concerns and ideas.
    • Orients new personnel, as requested, in accordance with departmental standards.
    • Articulates with tact and diplomacy in all communications.
    • – 6.8 Consistently establishes and maintains effective working relations with:

5.6 patient and family

5.7 internal customers

5.8 external customers

  1. Maintains equipment and environment in a safe and orderly manner.
    • Maintains skills necessary to operate equipment properly.
    • Assesses environment and equipment for safety hazards and reports all hazards to appropriate personnel.
    • Notifies Manager, Director, or designee of the need to re-order supplies in a timely manner to prevent delays of service.
    • Accurately and proficiently orders supplies.
    • Coordinates use of equipment with other health care professionals.
    • Consistently returns equipment to proper storage area in good working order.
    • – 6.11 Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of department policies and procedures by participating in the annual re-orientations and reviewing the appropriate manuals related to:

6.7 Appropriate safety modules

6.8 Fire Safety

6.9 Hazardous Chemicals (MSDS-Right to Know)

6.10 Facility Safety Codes

6.11 Infection Control

6.12 Security events

6.13 Exhibits proper body mechanics during the operation of equipment or with patient/clients.

  • Completes maintenance request forms as needed.
  • Completes routine cleaning activities per department cleaning schedule and according to department policies and procedures.

  1. Demonstrates commitment to professional growth, department growth and competency.
    • Accurately assesses own strengths and weaknesses and assists in developing action plans to improve self.
    • Attends facility inservices to maintain a high degree of current professional knowledge.
    • Participates in departmental/programmatic quality assurance/continuous quality improvement programs to ensure competent and quality delivery of services.
    • Shares knowledge and actively participates in the professional development of others.

  1. Contributes to the organization and operation of the department/programs within Community Based Rehab’s strategic plan and mission statement.
    • Provides input to the Director/Manager/Supervisor with regard to department goals and objectives based on assessed needs of the department/facility.
    • Demonstrates thorough understanding of department/organization policies and procedures by implementing them appropriately.
    • Effectively maintains the established lines of communication demonstrated by constructively communicating concerns and directing questions to the immediate Manager.
    • Promotes positive interaction by sharing ideas and giving positively phrased constructive feedback.
    • Participates in meetings and/or serves on committees as required as a representative of the department.
    • Demonstrates an understanding of the financial implications of treatment costs and resources on the department/facility by consistently working to provide cost effective treatment programming to served populations.

Synthesize and analyze the information from federal, state, and local laws that have a direct impact on the delivery of therapy services as demonstrated by effectively following appropriate policies and procedures.

Education: High school diploma or equivalent.

Required Experience: Six months patient care experience in a health care facility preferred, CPR/BLS required within 30 days of hire (ProCPR or AHA course only)

Licensure: None required.

Skills: Clinical skills required vary based on practice setting and programmatic needs of the facility. Effective time management. Effective oral and written communication skills.

Equipment: Computers, therapy modalities, therapy exercise equipment.