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RN Assistant Nurse Manager - Observation Unit

Location: Warrensville Heights, OH
Company: Cleveland Clinic
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Job ID: 97912
- Manages the patient care unit for administrative and clinical aspects to include organizing, developing, directing and assuring the delivery of cost-effective, quality patient care.
- Ensures patient/family involvement in the development of care plans.
- Ensures all nurses to be involved in the multidisciplinary team rounding for each patient's plan of care.
- Monitors all care givers in the proficient prioritization and performance of direct care to patients according unit standards of care.
- Ensures that all caregivers are effective in the education of procedures/ interventions and completion of required documentation.
- Identifies and performs appropriately in emergent situations.
- Ensures that nurses incorporate critical thinking in their assessment skills in order to increase the effectiveness of each plan of care.
- Assists the clinical charge nurses in the delegation of responsibilities to staff based on patient needs, acuity, and staff competencies.
- Ensures the appropriateness of restraint usage and completion of proper documentation.
- Identifies staff needing further experience in the insertion of all IV skills including starts.
- Utilizes and demonstrates ability to alter communication patterns related to patient's age and developmental level.
- Ensures that all nurses are accurately documenting medications on MAR as required.
- Ensures that nurses are monitoring Patient's response to medication and completion of proper documentation of results.
- Reports medication errors and adverse reactions per hospital policy. Identifies staff needing further knowledge concerning medications.
- Monitors nurses for the safe administration of blood and blood products per hospital policy.
- Ensures that all nurses verifies patient ID per hospital policy.
- Ensures that all nurses perform all Pyxis monitoring and counts as required.
- Ensures all nurses complete the patient/family educational readiness and barriers.
- Ensures nurses are developing plan of care based on educational assessment. Ensures that nurses are documenting educational assessment, plan, intervention, and outcome.
- Makes decisions using critical thinking based on data.
- Acts as a resource to Clinical Charge Nurses for the coordination of patient transfers, bed assignments, or the selection of patients for possible transfer/discharge in order to facilitate patient flow in the facility.
- Acts as a resource to the clinical charge nurses on unit.
- Participates in coordination/delivery of approved Facility events.
- Collaborates with others to seek solutions to complex issues; is sensitive to the operations and feelings of others.
- Ensures the potential positive outcomes when exploring the issues.
- Remains objective to the view and conflicts of others. Focuses on the issues/concerns and not the person.
- Builds common ground for points of agreement/disagreement.
- Utilizes Chain of command as needed.
- Acts as a liaison between any customers or staff assists in patient satisfaction rounds, addressing complaints and issues (including interdepartmental) in a timely fashion.
- Acts with integrity; demonstrating honesty, keeping commitments and behaving consistently.
- Discloses own position, thoughts and rationales in order to achieve understanding.
- Acts as a role model to maintain effective communication, professional conduct, and appearance.
- Remains open to ideas; listens to others and objectively considers other's ideas and opinions.
- Treats people with dignity, respect and fairness.
- Develops direction and ensures that the purpose and importance of the team are clarified; by clarifying roles and responsibilities.
- Facilitates goal accomplishment; makes procedural or process suggestions; provides necessary resources and removes obstacles.
- Sets performance goals and collaboratively works with direct reports to set meaningful objectives; implements system to track performance against goals; holds regular formal discussions to discuss progress toward goals and review performance.
- Clarifies current situation and expected behaviors and level of proficiency; provides feedback and reinforcement; gives timely, appropriate feedback on performance; reinforces efforts and progress.
- Acts as a role model in creating collaborative professional working relationships with peers, physicians, and all interdepartmental employees.
- Creates a positive environment, promoting teamwork and high morale by always giving positive and constructive feedback.
- Remains calm and able to function effectively during stressful situations.
- Assists staff as well during a stressful event or situation, as needed.
- Provides instruction, positive models and opportunities to develop skills and understanding.
- Utilizes an approach of coaching, mentoring, guidance first prior to utilizing performance management when addressing performance issues. Identifies monitoring and improvement needs; determines what systems, processes or areas need to be monitored or improved.
- Ensures the proper and timely completion of all PI / Safety data collections.
- Analyzes data for root cause analysis utilizing standard PI tools.
- Assists with the education and implementation of new performance plans.
- Acts as role model to all customer service standards of excellence as defined above.
- Assists in the education and implementation of Customer Service action plans in order to maintain Customer Service scores at the required or higher level of excellence.
- Ensures timely completion of work and call schedules (4-6 weeks) to support the efficient operations of the department.
- Ensures weekly and daily review of department staffing to ensure adequate number of staff in each job category is available to work 24/7.
- Supports clinical operations and patient flow to optimize LOS (inpatient, procedural, and outpatient).
- Ensures timely completion of initial and annual performance appraisals as assigned.
- Completes daily and weekly department payroll and confirms with all staff is assigned to correct pay code/status.
- Accepts accountability for department productive labor with focus on maintaining budgetary guidelines.
- Facilitates consistent compliance with all regulatory standards to include AHCA, CMS, DCF and JCAHO.
- Other duties as assigned.
- Graduated from an accredited school of professional nursing.
- Bachelor's Degree in Nursing required.
- Master's Degree in Nursing preferred.
- Strong demonstrated clinical knowledge and skills; good oral, written and interpersonal skills, strong analytical and organization skills.
- Current state licensure as Registered Nurse (RN).
- Proof of Basic Life Support (BLS) through American Heart Association (AHA) must be presented upon hire
- Proof of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) through American Heart Association (AHA) Certification must be presented upon hire
Complexity of Work:
- All employees are expected to meet the standards of performance outlined in the Organizational-Wide Competencies listed below as applied to the position:
- World Class Service Orientation: Demonstrates courteous, polite, friendly and cooperative behaviors toward others.
- Supports and participates in activities that promote customer satisfaction. Utilizes approved hospital scripts. Courteously answers the telephone utilizing approved script (department, name and "How can I help you").
- Assists in answering call lights when on the nursing units (includes ancillary and non-patient care personnel).
- Answers call lights within 4 rings.
- Acknowledges patients/guests/others immediately upon entering the department/work area.
- Communicates and follows the organizational chain of command for notification of patient care/service issues, when appropriate. (Calls are answered within 4 rings.)
- Attitude: Chooses to have a positive attitude every day.
- Customer waiting: Updates waiting patient/family per protocol. (Scheduled visit every 10 minutes, unscheduled every 30 minutes. Adaptability: Exhibits good communication and listening skills. Speaks clearly, actively listens.
- Able to work with diverse populations (patient, staff, physicians) under difficult and stressful situations.
- Supports the team approach. Committed to Customer Service standards.
- Encourages patients and family members to ask questions.
- Avoids jargon.
- Teamwork: Understands and supports the needs of individuals in other departments, works as a team to achieve mutual goals.
- Offers assistance and promptly responds to requests (patient, physician, manager and others).
- Performs any other duties or responsibilities that may be assigned.
- Carries Spectralink phone at all times. Updates patient boards with numbers.
- (Appropriate personnel). Attends 80% of all staff meetings.
- Participates in coordination/delivery of approved Facility events.
- Efficiency and Effectiveness: Offers suggestions for departmental and/or hospital-wide performance/process improvement.
- Intervenes to correct problems (patient and system) as they occur.
- Notifies manager/director of actions and outcome.
- Participates in the performance/process improvement process.
- Completes required logs and quality controls as per hospital/department requirements (crash cart, 24 hour chart check, narcotic count, point of care testing, etc.).
- Work Habits: Readily accepts work assignments in a positive manner.
- Performs work that is accurate, neat and consistent.
- Documentation is legible.
- Safety: Keeps work area neat and maintains equipment in accordance with health and safety codes.
- Uses Standard precautions in all patient contacts.
- Provides a safe environment for patients/family and visitors, and reports safety issues and equipment failures appropriately.
- Confidentiality: Sensitive information including, but not limited to, patient records, charts, hospital documents and employee information is kept confidential without exception, according to HIPAA guidelines.
- Ensures that the rights of all patients are respected and maintained by allowing for privacy, cultural diversity and dignity in the provision of care.
- Demonstrates organizational skills in the form of prioritization and time management.
- Essential Job Requirements: Policies/Procedures: Is aware of and follows all hospital, corporate, regional, and departmental policies and procedures.
- Appearance: Projects a professional image, follows the hospital dress code policy and/or department requirements.
- Wears hospital ID badge at all times on duty.
- Attendance: Employee reports to work each regularly scheduled work day.
- Does not take advantage of sick time.
- Punctuality: Clocks in by the scheduled start time of the shift and is ready for work.
- Continues working until scheduled departure time.
- Leaves as scheduled unless overtime is approved by supervisor.
- Managerial Responsibilities: Makes suggestions to reduce waste.
- Ensures that personnel and supplies of the organization are used in a cost effective manner.
- Identifies cost saving strategies for department/hospital.
- Submits accurate and timely hospital charges for department/hospital.
- Offers opinions and information that reflect positively on Cleveland Clinic Florida.
- Will take the time to speak with an employee (privately) if they observe or overhear that an employee is not being an ambassador of the hospital.
- Understands how individual job performance affects department and hospital growth.
- Identifies and communicates opportunities to improve service or care.
- Participates in hospital/departmental committees to improve service and streamline organizational processes.
- Note: The above stated duties are intended to outline those functions typically performed by individuals assigned to this classification.
- This description of duties is not intended to be all-inclusive or to limit the discretionary authority of supervisors to assign other tasks of similar nature or level of responsibility.
Work Experience:
- Minimum two year recent clinical nurse experience required.
- Working knowledge of Quality Improvement process and JCAHO standards.
- Managerial experience.
- Able to relate to a large variety of individuals.
- National certification program that includes management concepts.
- Clinical, and operational experience in the respective field or specialty.
Physical Requirements:
- The position requires a considerate amount of physical work not to exceed 50 pounds.
- Any workload exceeding 50 pounds will require assistance.
- The individual will be required to pull up or re-position patients in bed, lift supplies, place equipment or supports, push beds throughout the hospital and perform external cardiac compressions.
- The individual must be able to bend over to perform certain duties such as check chest tube drainage, check urine output, etc.
- The individual must be able to quickly maneuver throughout halls, stairways and patient rooms in response to hospital emergencies.
- Interpretation of environmental input requires visual and auditory skills. In the event there is a need to evacuate the building, heavy lifting will be required to carry patients to safety.
- Mental Demands: Ability to work at a fast pace and to prioritize multiple assignments/projects and respond to numerous requests; ability to resolve conflicts among staff and to work collaboratively with department directors, physicians and other members of the Healthcare team; ability to ensure operational efficiency; ability to problem-solve and make decisions; ability to exercise self-control and tolerate stress when dealing with multiple requests and/or conflicting demands from multiple customers.
- Special Demands: Needs minimal sustained direction in assessing needs, directing staff, and carrying out departmental and professional responsibilities; self-starting and self-motivating; working hours may exceed eight (8) hours per day and is based on what is needed to accomplish work at hand.
Personal Protective Equipment:
- Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required for procedures.
Cleveland Clinic is pleased to be an equal employment/affirmative action employer: Women/Minorities/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.
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