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Administrative Assistant - Utilities

Location: Julington Creek, FL
Company: ring power
Employment type: Permanent
Hours: Full time
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Primary Job Role
Orders supplies and/or equipment from suppliers as requested to support operations.

Monitors data / communications and informs appropriate managers of changes affecting operations (e.g. inventory controls, scheduling, event coordination, etc.) .

Initiates communication and coordinates with others in the Company to support operations and/or event planning.

Maintains communication with other locations and departments on related activities.

Maintains complete and accurate document recordkeeping duties (e.g. invoices, records of completion, account records, etc.).

Posts / sends information as directed to communicate activities to other appropriate persons (i.e. managers, employees, vendors and/or customers).

Performs other duties as assigned.

Essential Job Competencies
Safety: fully supports, encourages and follows safe work behavior, and considers safety of paramount importance in the workplace.

Job Specific Skills: Demonstrates the required depth and mastery of knowledge and skill associated with the job as identified in the Learning Management System (LMS) and other applicable sources. Demonstrates the effective application of the job specific knowledge, skills and ability required to resolve job related challenges in the workplace. Refer to job specific training requirements for the job identified in the LMS.

Fostering Teamwork: Listens and responds constructively to other team members' ideas. Offers support for others' ideas and proposals. Is open with other team members about his/her concerns. Works for solutions that all team members can support.

Communication: Uses active listening skills, conveying information with the appropriate medium that is clear and easily understood. Uses feedback to verify effective and accurate communication has occurred. Ensures that others having a need to know are kept informed about developments, progress, problems and plans through consistent, effective communication. Avoids surprises.

Results Oriented: Has a strong sense of urgency and commitment to achieve desired results in the face of obstacles and frustrations. Remains focused, does not get bogged down in unnecessary detail. Identifies and utilizes the most efficient methods to successfully achieve tasks on time despite unforeseen events. Driven, maintains a sense of urgency and adjusts schedules as needed to achieve without sacrificing quality of work.

Confidence and Drive: Confident in one's own ideas and capability to be successful; willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition. Approaches challenging tasks with a "can-do" attitude. Driven to see projects and tasks through to successful completion, is not swayed by resistance and focuses on achievement of the initiative.

Credibility: Demonstrated concern to be responsible, reliable, and trustworthy. Maintains commitments. Respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others. Is honest and forthright with people. Takes personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. Punctual, follows instructions, policies, and procedures.

Self-Aware: Conscious of one's own feelings, character and personality and the implications for how your behavior impacts others. Understands personal goals, strengths, weaknesses and motivating forces in one's life. Has an awareness of one's most important personal beliefs and values. Accepts personal weaknesses and works to improve these areas.

Personal Development: Takes responsibility for personal learning and development by acquiring and refining technical and professional skills needed in job related areas. Obtains developmental opportunities proactively. Actively seeks and embraces growth opportunities.

Innovative: Sees old problems as opportunities for creative problem solving while staying within the parameters of good practice. Develops and fosters better, faster, or less expensive ways to do things. Thinks in terms of desired outcomes, not just reactive, quick solutions. Energized by any challenge that stands in the way. Remains agile and adapts in a high degree of ambiguity.

In 1962, Ring Power Corporation became a full-line Caterpillar dealer in North Florida, and later expanded its authorized territory to include Central Florida.

Today, Ring Power Corporate headquarters in St. Augustine oversees the operations of 18 branch locations throughout the state of Florida, including large regional facilities in Tampa and Orlando and crane and forklift sales and service facilities in Pompano and Miami. Ring Power also has eight facilities outside of Florida - Rhode Island, New Jersey, the Carolinas, Georgia, Texas and California - to serve the needs of other specialized industries and customers.

Ring Power Corporation has become one of the largest Caterpillar dealers in the Southeastern United States through dedication to the mission of customer service. In order to preserve the "Customers First" reputation that Ring Power was built on, we continually train our employees and work closely with our customers to assure complete satisfaction, especially after the sale.

Currently, more than 2,000 employees at 26 locations throughout Florida and the United States work hard to provide the highest quality construction equipment, backed by responsive, professional service and support at every level.

Education and Experience
Formal Education High School diploma or GED

Experience 1-2 years

Required / Credentials
Able to easily and effectively comprehend written material and communicate orally and in writing with employees and customers.

Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

Not Required but Highly Desired Criteria
1 to 3 years of experience in an administrative position performing duties in a closely related work environment.

Proficient in the use of a computer, Microsoft Office products and relevant Dealer software programs.

Bachelor's Degree in a relevant discipline from a four year college or university or related equivalent experience preferred.

Updating of Knowledge
Job requirements occasionally change requiring re-training to stay current every 3-5 years.

Responsibility for Change, Innovation, Overall Improvement, and/or Effectiveness

Problem Solving Job requires problem solving ability, established examples / guidance are not always available

Creativity Job requires some creativity to generate solutions or improve effectiveness within well-established boundaries.

Autonomy Job is regularly monitored to determine outcomes. Assignments allow some discretion in decision making and setting priorities within well-established parameters.

Working Environment
Stress Load Occasional exposure to these stresses (less than 20% of the time).

Workload Fluctuation Job rarely involves changes in priorities, complexity and/or quantity of work.

Work Schedule Work is routinely performed during regular business hours with rare exceptions.

Organizational Impact
A person's performance in this job has considerable immediate impact on expense, efficiencies or achievement of overall department objectives.

Supervisory Responsibility

Job has no subordinates / no supervisory responsibility (may work independently or as a member of a team)

Physical Demands
· "NA": Not Applicable

· "O": Occasionally - (up to 3 hours/day)

· "F": Frequently - (3-6 hours/day)

· "C": Constantly - (6-8 hours/day)

N/A: Climbing
N/A: Balancing
N/A: Stooping
N/A: Kneeling
N/A: Crouching
N/A: Crawling
O: Reaching
F: Standing
F: Sitting
F: Walking
N/A: Feeling
O: Fingering
N/A: Grasping
N/A: Repetitive Motion
C: Talking
C: Hearing

O: Pushing - Up to 25 lbs.
O: Pulling - Up to 25 lbs.
O: Lifting - Up to 25 lbs.
N/A: Pushing - 26-50 lbs
N/A: Pulling - 26-50 lbs.
N/A: Lifting - 26-50 lbs.
N/A: Pushing - Over 50 lbs.
N/A: Pulling - Over 50 lbs.
N/A: Lifting - Over 50 lbs.

Environmental Conditions
· "NA": Not Applicable

· "O": Occasionally - (up to 3 hours/day)

· "F": Frequently - (3-6 hours/day)

· "C": Constantly - (6-8 hours/day)

F: Inside conditions: Protection from weather but not necessarily from temperature change.
F: Outside environmental conditions: No effective protection from weather.
O: Extreme cold: Temperatures below 32 degrees for periods of more than one hour.
O: Extreme heat: Temperatures above 100 degrees for periods of more than one hour.
O: Noise: sufficient noise to cause the worker to shout to be heard above the ambient noise level
N/A: Vibration: Exposure to oscillating movements of the extremities of whole body.
O: Hazards: Includes a variety of physical conditions (i.e. proximity to moving mechanical parts, electrical current, working in high places, exposure to heat and/or chemicals.
O: Atmospheric conditions: One or more of the following conditions that affect the respiratory system or the skin: Fumes, odors, dust, mists, gases or poor ventilation.
N/A: Oils: There is air and/or skin exposure to oils and other cutting fluids.
N/A: Air particulates / contaminants: the worker is required to wear respirator.


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