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Adzuna is a global leader in job market statistics and insights. Our real-time data is used and trusted by the Department for Work and Pensions, the Cabinet Office and the Office for National Statistics.

Department of Work & Pensions
Office for National Statistics

We can work with you to provide unique insights for your media stories, including:

  • Real-time job vacancy data
  • Historic job market trends
  • Advertised salary insights
  • Global job market data

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Our latest press releases & insights

20 jobs you can do without a college degree

It’s been a tough year for jobseekers making it difficult to stand out in a competitive job market. For those without a college education, that job hunt has been even harder with fewer jobs available and competition from skilled workers and recent graduates. Read more ❯

How is the job market tracking so far in 2021?

It’s been a politically rocky few months for the US, but has the jobs market managed to stay on an even keel? With our January numbers in, we took a look at job openings across the country to find out which sectors are hiring, which cities are thriving, and what’s happening overall. Read more ❯

ADP Report October – what are we seeing?

When we compare Adzuna data to the ADP report, it gives an impression of how the whole economy looks for an average jobseeker. We can see how many people are returning to work, and what opportunities are out there for those who are looking for work. Read more ❯

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