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Did you know that fewer than 3% of US job ads include a salary? As a result, we waste 96 million hours every year applying for roles that end up being wrong for us. How infuriating!

This murky approach is a huge factor behind inequality and the gender pay gap.

At Adzuna, we're on a mission to make the job market fairer and more transparent for good.

We're calling for ALL businesses to show salaries in their job ads, and the government to change the LAW to make this happen.

It's time we made putting salaries in all job ads a legal requirement.

Sign our petition to make pay fairer.

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Doug Monro
Adzuna co-founder & CEO

Watch the video

We've teamed up with the hilariously outspoken and always-honest, Olivia Attwood, to hit the streets and get the nation talking about salary transparency.

Watch her put the public to the test to see if they can guess the salary from a job ad if it's not revealed!


of jobseekers

won't attend an interview unless they know the salary

Why is salary transparency a good thing?

For jobseekers

Less time wasted

Don't waste energy on roles that don't hit your pay grade.

Know your worth

See the market rate to help you get a fair salary.

Erase pay gaps

Visible salaries cut bias and make jobseeking fairer.

For employers

More applications

Job ads with a listed salary get 6X more applications.

Higher quality candidates

Including the salary means only relevant candidates apply.

Better perceptions

Research shows Gen-Z candidates think badly of employers that hide pay.

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make pay fairer