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Adzuna’s mission to Get America Working

2020 has been an extremely challenging year for jobseekers and employers. The U.S. job market has been decimated by the coronavirus crisis, and despite some signs that a recovery may be on the horizon, the picture in September 2020 remains bleak. We are experiencing one of the biggest economic slumps in living memory; 14.8 million Americans remain unemployed, hiring activity has collapsed by up to 50% and competition for jobs has intensified across the country.

Many jobseekers, workers and businesses are facing anxious weeks ahead and we want to do everything we can to bring people together and Get America Working. Whether that’s helping people find work faster, providing quality advice to the newly unemployed or harnessing the power of technology to match jobseekers to jobs, help is at hand and the whole team at Adzuna is motivated to make a difference.

To that end, our goal is to help 100,000 people get into work that wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Ambitious, but this is why we get up in the morning.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be doubling down our effort to stimulate hiring and help Americans find work. From the individual jobseeker looking for job hunting tips during the pandemic, to launching new hiring, data and content partnerships across the country. We believe that the job market recovery from this recession has the opportunity to be different to previous financial crises. Businesses like Adzuna have the technology to analyse data, help people make smarter decisions and tools to connect jobseekers to jobs like never before. The hiring landscape in U.S. is changing so rapidly that this data and the need to embrace technology is more crucial than ever before. Our mission is to be part of this national comeback story and to serve our industry as best we can to help America get back to work.

Our message to jobseekers:

  1. We’re here to help you. Kickstart you search by visiting our main site where you’ll find tips, tools and advice to help you find work fast.
  2. Arm yourself with data and know where you stand. Figure out who’s hiring in your local area, what they pay and how suitable your skills are for the jobs out there.
  3. Zero in on the right role for you. We have all the jobs in one place (over 4 million of them!), to make your life easier. Get started here.

Our message to employers: 

  1. We want to give you the confidence to start hiring again. Explore our employer resources to understand how hiring in your industry has changed in the wake of the pandemic.
  2. In a job market awash with candidates, smart matching of candidates to jobs has never been more important. Give our cutting edge matching technology a try and get in touch with us.   
  3. Bang for your buck – Getting the most out of your recruitment budget is critical at this time. We’ll never charge you to post an ad. You’ll only ever pay fo the responses and applications we deliver.