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The top 10 most sought after jobs in 2022

If you’ve been searching the internet for a new job, you’re not alone. The ‘Great Resignation’ is in full swing and high numbers of people are looking for a career change. But what are the most popular jobs right now? 

At Adzuna, we have analyzed over 25.3 million job ads to find out exactly which jobs are most in-demand today. You probably have never even considered some of the features on this list!


1. Road construction supervisor

Average advertised salary: $69,531

Number one on our list is ‘road construction supervisor’. You probably weren’t expecting that! What is a road construction supervisor? People in this occupation monitor the construction and maintenance of roads, keeping the site safe. The average salary for road construction supervisors sits at almost $70,000, which is pretty impressive.  

At the time of this study, there were 176 job ads for road construction supervisors. The role attracted the highest application rates of any role, reflecting a growing interest in public sector roles. 

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2. Academic advisor

Average advertised salary: $55,548

The second most sought-after job in the US is ‘academic advisor’. The role has 2,401 advertised roles on Adzuna, all of which received large volumes of attention. The average salary for the role sits at $55,548, which is above the national average.

What is an academic advisor? The role generally involves discussing academic progress with students, providing support, and advice on any challenges or difficulties faced during studies. 

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3. Chauffeur

Average advertised salary: $154,056

With the highest average annual salary on our list, ‘chauffeur’ is the third most sought-after job in the US. There are 1,979 vacancies on our website, so tons to choose from!

Becoming a chauffeur will require a driver’s license, as this role involves driving customers from place to place safely. Chauffeurs must also have good customer service skills, after all, who wants a miserable journey?

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4. Communications Executive

Average advertised salary: $98,020

‘Communications executive’ also features in the top 5 most sought-after jobs. The average salary for this occupation is high, sitting at $98,020. However, it should be noted that there are only 102 roles available for this occupation, so it could be pretty competitive. 

The role of a communications executive involves copywriting, content creation, and maintaining media relations. This is a great option for people looking for a career in PR. 

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5. Data entry clerk

Average advertised salary: $29,662

Data entry clerk manages to sneak into the top 5 most desired jobs. There are a huge 160,566 available positions for data entry clerks, so plenty of choices for those wishing to enter the field!

The salary may be pretty low compared to the US average, but it is a good option for data-obsessed individuals! Typically, data entry clerks maintain databases by entering and updating information on customers and accounts. 

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6. Domestic housekeeper

Average advertised salary: $30,658

‘Domestic housekeeper’ is the sixth most desired job in the US, despite just 189 available vacancies. The salary for this occupation is also pretty low at just over $30,000 per year, but if you’ve become cleaning obsessed during the pandemic, this could be for you! 

The role of a domestic housekeeper involves taking care of a client’s home, including keeping it clean. Following the pandemic, the domestic help sector has seen a real increase in interest from job seekers. 

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7. Career guidance advisor

Average advertised salary: $40,496

Career guidance advisor has also featured in the top 10 most sought-after jobs. This follows the general trend of academic/career guidance positions increasing in popularity as job seekers are increasingly seeking vocations where they can make a difference. 

There are 2,595 vacancies for career guidance advisor, with an average advertised salary of $40,496. The role involves providing information, guidance, and advice to people. The advice given by career guidance advisors is generally about education, training, and work. 

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8. Medical transcriptionist

Average advertised salary: $42,084

The role of medical transcriptionist is the eighth most sought-after role. There are 2,513 medical transcriptionist jobs available, with an average advertised salary of $42,084. 

But what is a medical transcriptionist? When you’ve been to the doctor’s office, you may have seen your doctor or another healthcare professional recording some notes. Medical transcriptionists are on the other side of this. Their job is to listen to these recordings and convert them into written reports. Medical transcriptionists are really important as they are a key form of communication among healthcare providers, with mistakes affecting insurance coverage. 

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9. Post office counter clerk

Average advertised salary: $49,659

Post office counter clerk positions are popular among US job seekers. The 2,513 advertised vacancies for post office counter clerks have an average advertised salary of $49,659.

The role involves assisting customers with picking up and sending mail and packages. This makes it a really great option for anyone with good customer service skills and good levels of organization. 

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10. Meter reader

Average advertised salary: $37,798

Taking the final spot on the top 10 most sought-after jobs is ‘meter reader’. There are 2,038 advertised vacancies for meter readers, with an average salary of $37,798.

Although not the most lucrative occupation, being a meter reader is a good option for people who don’t want to work an office based job. Meter readers work for utilities companies and are responsible for gathering data on the amount of utilities used in residential and commercial sites.

Vacancies for meter readers can be found here


There are the top 10 most sought-after jobs in the US but what can we take away from this? Recently, jobs in the public sector have proven particularly popular, as shown by ‘road construction supervisor’ taking the top spot on our list. Jobs in the domestic help sector are also seeing increases in popularity, as well as those in academic and career guidance. 

One thing which really stands out is the salaries of some of the jobs in the top 10. A large number of them have salaries which fall below the national average. This suggests a shift in priorities following the pandemic from a focus in salaries to a focus in happiness. It will be interesting to see whether this focus on happiness rather than salary continues with the rising cost of living globally. 

RankJob TitleAverage Advertised SalaryAdvertised vacancies
1Road Construction Supervisor$69,531176
2Academic Advisor$55,5482,401
4Communications Executive$98,020102
5Data Entry Clerk$29,662160,566
6Domestic Housekeeper$30,658189
7Career Guidance Advisor$40,4962,595
8Medical Transcriptionist$42,0842,513
9Post Office Counter Clerk$49,6591,979
10Meter Reader$37,7982,038
11Engineering Services Manager$107,6801,311
12Drilling Engineer$126,788163
13Aircraft Cleaner$47,3991,294
14Petroleum Engineer$100,806141
15Customer Service Receptionist$25,4981,340
16Flight Attendant$96,0005,425
17Housing Assistant$45,046278
18Picture Editor$101,827673
19Nature Conservation Officer$44,6671,149
20Live-In Nanny$46,369470
21Events Administrator$41,487108
23Learning Development Coordinator$54,336739
24Domestic Cleaner$36,56633,382
25Web Content Editor$50,000187
26Dean of Faculty$68,190341
27ServiceNow Consultant$143,033852
28Voice-Over Artist$51,460776
29Retail Area Manager$59,382168
30Retail Buyer$55,199828


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